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The story about the Delano priest being charged with sexual abuse had two first day reports from the Associated Press and Star Tribune with a follow story the next day from KSTP-TV.

In both the AP and Star Tribune story, the lead is what the lead should be - outlining the important facts about what had just happened. They provide the basic information. The KSTP-TV story starts with the priest's court appearance the following day and what his lawyer said.

The KSTP-TV story focuses less on the prior day's events, but more so on what unfolded on the following day in front of the judge. It provides some background details, but it is not the main point of the article. The details are there to set the scene for the most recent news rather than fully inform the reader of what had transpired the day prior.

KSTP-TV does not seem to be responding to a competing outlet's report, but just reporting it for itself. It doesn't make reference to previous reports or other sources.

This could be attributed to the fact that it is not focusing on the day before's stories, but breaking the most recent news. It helps shape the story because it's not fully depending on past events, but the most recent one for its report.

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