Structure Analysis

The article from about Jon Kyl's decision to not seek reelection for his senatorial seat in 2012 had a structure that was not just informative, but insightful beyond just the initial report of his decision.

The reporter, Dana Bash, opened with the hard news of Kyl's announcement and then provided two quotations from the Arizona senator that brought life and color that further informed the reader.

Bash then went on to explain the impact this could have within the GOP Senate leadership as well as in the upcoming election. She provided names of potential replacements for Kyl's as the assistant Republican leader and to fill his seat in the next election cycle.

She emphasized elements of Kyl's character when discussing potential replacements.

All in all, the article covered all the questions that would arise were I to read the headline, or just the lede. I learned why he was stepping down, heard from the source himself, what that means for the future, and what to look for next.

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