Analysis: Records/CAR

A story about White House vistor log omissions from iWatch News discussed the records and computer skills used to conduct this analysis and investigation.

Starting off mentioning the celebrities and top officials not listed on the Secret Service's database, the Center for Public Integrity found discrepancies between who was known to have visited the White House and who was listed on the database.

iWatch uses situations where it was commonly known that someone was at the White House, but did not not release it or display it in its database.

The article even includes a screenshot of the database search results as well as a live look into the White House Visitor Records Request in the article itself, displaying that the website had been consulted by the reporters who wrote the story.

The computer skills needed to report on a story like this would include not just the ability to navigate through the the database and government websites, but also embedding these sources, video interviews and links into the article itself.

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