Grey Wolves Removed from Endangered List

US politicians in Congress removed grey wolves from the endangered species list on Friday with the signing of the budget bill.

Attached to the budget bill, President Barack Obama's signature marked the first time a species had been taken off the list. The law prevents federal protection to the grey wolves in five states.

Two of those state, Idaho and Montana, had already planned wolf hunts for the upcoming fall, reported The Seattle Times. Both states had hoped to do so last fall, but a federal judge ruled the species was still at risk.

Politicians over the years had argued whether or not this was a matter of the federal government infringing on state rights, especially in states were population control was effective and responsible.

"That gives control back to the state and gives management back to the state and responsibility back to the state, where it should have been all along," Gov. Butch Otter said to KTVB.

Wildlife advocates are concerned this will lead to "the second large-scale extermination of wolves in the West," according to Suzanne Stone, the Idaho spokeswoman for Defenders of Wildlife.

Hunters and farmers have complained about wolves killing livestock and pets as well as endangering other species of wildlife, reports the BBC.

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