Search for 20-year-old Tennessee Woman Continues

Authorities continued to search for a 20-year-old nursing student in Parsons, Tenn. on Friday until heavy rains called for a temporary halt.

Holly Bobo has been missing since Wednesday after her brother witnessed her follow a man in camouflage into the western Tennessee woods. He mistook the man for his sister's boyfriend.

ABC News reports police currently have no leads as to who the abductor may be.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent John Mehr said authorities do not think she went willingly.

"We feel she was in fear of her life, so she was complying with his commands," Mehr said, according to USA Today.

TBI, local police and volunteers have been looking for Bobo. Her lunchbox and cellphone have reportedly been found.

CBS News reports the search was temporarily stopped as heavy rains moved into western Tennessee. A brief break in the rain allowed authorities to continued searching, only until it started again.

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