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President Barack Obama's "A New Beginning" speech was delivered on June 4, 2009 at Cairo University.
During the speech, Obama promised, "to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims," according to NPR.
According to White House.gov, the president's speech detailed his plans to create a better partnership with Muslin-majority countries in areas including education, economic development, science and technology and health.

Thousands gathered to hear Rick Santorum give his speech in Steubenville, OH on Tuesday before knowing the results of the Ohio primary.
The Ohio primary was such a close race between Santorum and Mitt Romney that before the results were announced Santorum delivered his speech to the people of Steubenville.
According to CNN, Santorum took the stage with his wife and family to deliver his speech.
The presidential candidate lost the primary by a slight margin, with Santorum taking 37.1% of the votes and Romney taking 37.9% of the votes, according to the New York Times.

Presidential hopeful, Congressman Ron Paul, spoke to the people of Minneapolis on February 6 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.
Paul rallied people up by speaking about economic hardship and our flawed system that is bringing forth injustice results to our country, according to Ron Paul.com.
According to City Pages, the audience's response to Paul's platform of restoring America was so positive that they "glitter bombed" the Republican candidate during his rally.

Governor Mark Dayton delivered his State of the State on Feb. 16, to a roomful of nervous GOP legislators.
According to MinnPost, Majority Leader, Senator David H. Senjem, joked about how many harsh comments the governor would make towards to the Republican Party.
Surprisingly, Governor Dayton did not question the GOP's ability to lead, according to Star Tribune. Instead, Governor Dayton spoke in order to help build a better relationship between both parties after a very partisan year.

President Barack Obama's streak for new job creation continued this month, strengthening the economy consistently before elections this fall.
Obama has been traveling from state to state promoting new job creation. According to the Star Tribune, under Obama's administration, 429,000 manufacturing jobs have been created in the past two years.
In order to create more jobs in America, Obama is trying to bring more jobs that have been outsourced overseas back to the United States.
The unemployment rate hit a three-year low of 8.3 percent, according to Reuters.
This continual increase in jobs may help Obama get reelected in November.

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