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INTERNATIONAL: French Presidential Campaign
President of French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, delivered a speech to the people of France regarding his run for president. According to BBC News (, Sarkozy's speech focused on telling his people that a 'crucial time has come' for the people of France to act in order to 'preserve their way of life'. According to Bloomberg (, Sarkozy's rival, Francois Hollande has won the first round of the French presidential race.

NATIONAL: Missing six-year-old girl in Arizona
Isabel, a six-year-old girl has gone missing in Tucson, Arizona last Friday night. According to CNN, police are still investigating whether the girl ran off or was abducted ( According to ABC (, the 6-year-old was last seen when her parents put her to bed on Friday night. There are no current suspects as to who may have kidnapped Isabel.

LOCAL: Jack Jablonski Leaves Hospital
High school hockey player, Jack Jablonski, who was injured in a hockey game this year left Allina Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute on April 18, where he was recovering from his severe hockey injuries for almost four months. According to the Star Tribune (, hospital staff had a hard time saying goodbye to Jablonski and credited his surprise, speedy recovering to his amazing spirit. According to Fox News (, Jablonski is nervous but excited to leave, after having six days of rehab each week. Jablonski will continue with his recovery by doing out-patient rehabilitation.

LOCAL: Terrell Mayes Mother Speaks Out
Marsha Mayes spoke out about the murder of her three-year-old son, Terrell Mayes, this week. The three-year-old was shot in the head by a bullet that pierced through the side of his house last Christmas Eve. According to the Star Tribune (, Mayes said that bullets were found everywhere the night that her son was killed. She feels that her son is in a better place, but that his soul has "not yet rested". According to Kare 11 (, Mayes is asking her community for help to stop the violence and killing going on in her communities.

POTLUCK: Obama and Congress
Much criticism has spread insisting that Obama has been "ignoring" Congress. According to Fox News (, a Democratic congressman, said that Obama is "out of touch" with the Republicans and with his own party. Much of Obama's time has been spent working on his campaign for reelection. However, according to Real Clear Politics (, Obama recently delivered a speech with some advice for Congress, hoping to work together with them.

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