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A nuclear-powered attack submarine, INS Chakra, was leased from Russia to India on Wednesday.
According to The Times of India, the nuclear-powered attack submarine weights in at a hefty 8,140 tons and sits tied to a structure. However, soon the machine will be submerged underwater in order to perform the job that it was built to do.
According to Business standard, Russia has leased this machine to India for a period of 10 years for $900 million.

After the violent tornado that went through Dallas, the damage is being looked over currently to determine how large of a devastation this natural disaster has caused.
According to CNN, about 200 homes were destroyed and 650 homes were damaged in northern Texas.
According to the Washington Post, no fatalities have been reported thus far.
Looking through the wreckage is the current task of the Red Cross and survivors, as they have to endure going through the wreckage that now decorates many of their small towns. Clean up of these areas will take a lot of time, but luckily clear weather ahead in the next weeks indicates a sufficient time period to go through the devastation left behind by the storm.

The old Loring Park Office Building is being renovated and turned into apartments by its original owner.
According to the Star Tribune, the "1920's-era" building will be converted in 75 new apartments after undergoing $20 million in renovation costs.
The new renovation should attract a lot of consumers looking for apartments in the Minneapolis area.
According to, the Loring Park area is considered to be one of the best places to live in Minneapolis.
However, the renovation may take away from the history of the old, limestone building, which will detract from the history of the old office building.

According to the Star Tribune, the trend of getting a blowout is trending in the Twin Cities.
Women are spending hours in a salon to transform their coarse, dry hair into silky, soft hair that barely resembles their original hair style. According to MSP Mag, women are paying up to $200 on these blowouts in order to transform their.
Women feel that getting blowout helps with their professional life, and is worth the money. Women have been waiting in long lines in salons, in order to get the hair care service that they desire in hopes of transforming their hair from dull to silky smooth.

The 17-year-old boy from Florida was shot dead Feb. 26.
There has been much speculation on why the boy was shot. Some believe Martin was shot due to the fact that he was walking down the street with a hoodie on, with the hood up. Many argue that George Zimmerman, the man that shot and killed Martin, shot Martin due to racial discrimination.
Others argue that 28-year-old Zimmerman shot Martin after being attacked by the boy.
According to CNN, Martin was described as a "shy" and "average" boy, indicating that attacking Zimmerman would be completely out of character for Martin.
However, according to ABC, a recent video may show an injury on the back of Zimmerman's head, possibly indicating that an attack did occur between Martin and Zimmerman.
Zimmerman has been found not guilty (as it was seen as self defense) and protests have been taking place all over the country promoting awareness for Martin's death and promoting racial equality.

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