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Obituary of Mona Kapoor Death (international)
According to, 48-year-old Mona Kapoor died of cancer on Sunday.
Kapoor was from India and was the ex-wife of film producer, Boney Kapoor.
The Times of India states that Kapoor is survived by two children and is the CEO of Future Studios.
Kapoor is well known in the Bollywood community and will be greatly missed.

Obituary of Bert Sugar (national)
American sports writer Bert Sugar died on Sunday.
According to Newsday, the 75-year-old went into cardiac arrest.
According to ESPN, the sports historian was also battling cancer.
Sugar was a writer and was well written in the topic of boxing.

Profile on Andre Hollins(local)
Gophers basketball start, Andre Hollins, has brought hope to the team during their losing streak.
According to the Star Tribune, the team needs a player like Hollins more than ever, as he leads the team to victories.
The basketball star graduated from high school in Memphis and was a member of his high school's National Honor Society, according to Gopher Sports.
Perhaps Hollin's high school achievements are what are helping him succeed on the court now.

Profile on Max Shortell(local)
University of Minnesota quarterback, Max Shortell, is showing a lot of promise already as he trains for spring practice.
According to the Star Tribune, the college sophomore now knows what the football coaches are looking for in a player in order to get playing time.
Shortell now knows what changes to make in order to get more time on the field.
According to Gopher Sports, the Kansas native led his high school team to a victorious season during his last season.
Hopefully, Shortell can lead his college teammates to victories this upcoming season.

Shoot First Bill(potluck)
The Minnesota Republican Party proposed the Shoot First bill this legislative session.
The Republican majority party passed the bill through the House and Senate and sent it to approval to Governor Mark Dayton.
Governor Dayton vetoed the bill. According to the Star Tribune, Dayton feels that the people of Minnesota already have rights to defend themselves.
Much controversy surrounded the bill during session as the minority fought against the majority to end this bill's journey in session.
According to Minnesota Public Radio, the bill also loosens Minnesota laws on carrying guns.
The bill will

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