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INTERNATIONAL, Japanese government increases taxes:
On March 29, the Japanese government passed a bill to double the national sales tax.
According to The Wall Street Journal, this bill will increase Japan's tax to 10 percent by the year 2015.
However, there are some concerns with this tax increase. Unemployment rates in Japan are high right now. According to Value Walk, increasing the taxes during this period of high unemployment rates will mostly hurt Japan's "fragile economy".
Overall, this tax increase will help pump more revenue into Japan, but it may hurt the people, the taxpayers, in the process.

NATIONAL, Wall Street's quarterly losses:
As the quarter ends, Wall Street employees mourn this quarter's losses.
According to, Dow Jones Industrial Average made a slim gain on their quarter's losses on Thursday, with Coco-Cola increasing by 1.6 percent.
However, these slight gains towards the end of the quarter were not enough to end the quarter without losses.
According to Yahoo, Wells Fargo is one of the many stocks that have fallen during this quarter and Best Buy was one of the biggest decliners of all businesses, sliding almost seven percent.

LOCAL, MN Senate releases bonding bill:
The Minnesota State Senate released their bonding bill on Wednesday.
According to the Star Tribune, the biggest item's on the Minneapolis-Saint Paul wish list were not answered in the $496 million bill.
There was no money given to the light rail construction and no money given to Nicollet Mall.
According to the Duluth News Tribune, the bill that the Senate passed differed greatly from the ideas that Governor Mark Dayton had with the budget.
One of the crucial issues addressed in the bill was the $25 million planned to renovate the State Capitol.

LOCAL, MPCA lowers interest rates for truck drivers:
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has offered lower interest loans for truck drivers in order to ease the costs of gas.
According to, with gas prices rising up to four dollars a gallon, the MPCA is offering four percent loans for truck drivers.
According to CBS Minnesota, with the MPCA having a 99 percent success rate in issuing permits for new projects, the MPCA is able to allow truck drivers a break.
The lowering of interest rates on loans will make it easier for the high gas costs to be paid by truck drivers trying to make ends meet during this difficult economic time.

POTLUCK, Trayvon Martin killing:
A lot of controversy has surrounded the murder of Trayvon Martin, 17, from Sanford, Fla.
Much controversy surrounds the question of whether or not Martin attacked his killer, George Zimmerman, 28.
According to CNN, Zimmerman's father told sources that before he was killed, Martin threatened to kill Zimmerman.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the case will most likely be heard by a grand jury.
The question remains whether the 17-year-old boy was killed in self defense, or if there was another reason hindering his murder.

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