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In an article written by the Wall Street Journal, the lead approaches the death of Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz from the perspective of his sons.

The 'where' (Mecca, Saudi Arabia) and 'what' (the burial of their father) are both detailed in the lead. The 'who' is more general, as it focuses on the sons of King Abdulaziz but does not list their names. When the burial took place is not included in the lead.

The lead also suggests that the royal family of Saudi Arabia is at a crossroads in a time of rapid change in the Middle East.

The reporter, Ellen Knickmeyer, likely approached the article from the perspective of the sons to both include emotion and make the story more interesting than just simply stating the time and place of the leader's burial.

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Sean: Keep up the good work on the blog. Try to avoid filing right up to deadline on this. Stressful! G.G.

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