Minneapolis and St. Paul outpace suburbs in growth

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Minneapolis and St. Paul led the suburbs in population growth, said the Star Tribune.

A report released by the Metropolitan Council found that Minneapolis and St. Paul each gained thousands of new residents last year, which signals a change after years of population loss to the suburbs, said the Star Tribune.

Minneapolis led the Twin Cities metro area in terms of growth with more than five thousand new residents, said Metropolitan Council research manager Libby Starling to Minnesota Public Radio.

"We are seeing a return to growth in the core cities which we have not been seeing specifically for many years," Starling told MPR.

While members of the Metropolitan Council warned against making large decisions based on one year, the trend could direct public funds away from highways and toward public transportation in Minneapolis and St. Paul, said the Star Tribune.

According to the Star Tribune, the suburbs still outpace the two large cities in terms of long-term population growth.

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