Southwest light rail contract reconsidered

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The Metropolitan Council announced Friday that it is reconsidering its contract with the engineering firm linked to the Sabo Bridge breakdown to construct the Southwest Corridor light rail line, said MPR.

The firm, URS Corp., was the sole contractor enlisted last month by the council to build the light rail line which would connect Eden Prairie to downtown Minneapolis, said the Star Tribune.

URS Corp., however, was linked in a recent report to the failure of the Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge in Minneapolis, and the council has since broken up the contract to multiple firms, said the Star Tribune.

Mark Fuhrman, the Met Council's program director for light rail projects, said that the reconsideration shows "the benefit and the importance of having an independent set of eyes take a look at the technical design documents before construction so that all of those engineering details can be critically reviewed, and if necessary adjusted, before projects go to construction," said MPR.

The Met Council's transportation committee will release its decision Monday on whether it will it will hire one or multiple contractors for the light rail project, said MPR.

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