Last week was cookies, this week is playing games and improvisation! What do these assignments have in common? Both required us to think creatively and come up with things that have not been thought of before, but this week we also were assigned the task of playing a game, constructing a mind map, and creating 10 silly products.

Play a game
On Saturday I visited the Mall Of America with a small group of friends and we spent an hour at Marbles: The Brain Store. I was unable to take any pictures do to store policy, but we played most of the games in the store, and I even played a game of magnetic Connect-Four with an employee! There were structural balance games, puzzle games, and even a Labyrinth board! Not only did this trip get my brain thinking more creatively for the rest of the day, but it was also a great time out with good friends.

Create A Mind Map
After the visit to Marbles, I created a Mind Map that started with "Winter." Using Multiple colors seemed to help my mind be more creative because it is fun to use bright colors.
The map is pictured below.


Silly Products
The final task was to create 10 silly products with illustrations. To start, I created a list, which is pictured below.


The first page of illustrations is of Snowboard Cookies, Cough Syrup Wine, and a Snowbike.
The snowboard cookie is fairly simple, as it is a cookie. The main thing that makes it special is that it is the size of a snowboard. Cough Syrup Wine is a drink mixing recipe to make cough syrup taste better and make you forget you are sick! The Snowbike is the combination of a fat-tire bike with a snowmobile track for a rear wheel.


The next two illustrations are Electric Boots and the Winter Suit. Electric Boots would use a toaster-like matrix of wires to heat your feet and would be powered by a battery and USB cord. The Winter Suit is for people who see the season of winter as almost an alternate universe and need to be absolutely protected from the inhospitable atmosphere.


The following three illustrations are of the Icemobile, Super Sled, and Rocket Pants. The Icemobile is a reverse tricycle with a spiked rear wheel and ice skates for the front two ground contact points. The Super Sled is an aerodynamic shell that the operator lays down in and has a rudder operated by a handrail. Rocket Pants boost downhill skiing speeds with rockets that attach near the ankles of the operator.


The final two illustrations are of Heat Goggles and a Kitten Scarf. Heat Goggles are worn by the operator and activated by a button on the side of the lens. They emit heat waves that melt snow so people no longer need to shovel snow. Kitten scarves are intended for the crazy cat-people of the world that can't leave the house without them. They just need to lure the kitties into a tube-like scarf with little holes for the kitty's head to pop through. The kitties get to come with you, and they keep you warm!



I love Marbles! That was a great choice of fun activity on your part.
I like the variety in your products. You'll have many sub-themes to consider later in the class. In future brainstorming sessions, you could find an even greater variety of ideas by writing a longer list and developing your favorite ideas further.
I greatly appreciated the short descriptions of your products. The two sentence pitches add a lot to the perceived value of your ideas.
I would very much like a kitten scarf!


The colored mind map is great for organization, though it is a bit hard to read. I think this may be largely due to the fact that the paper was photographed and not scanned. The same can be said for the rest of the images. Playing with the contrast in photoshop or gimp would work wonders with visibility. The ideas themselves are hilarious, and the long descriptions help clarify what we are looking at. It seems like your sub-themes aren't entirely clear, though, so you may want to work on that. Also, using plain white paper instead of lined paper might be a good idea in the future.

I'd love one of those ice-mobiles, by the way. My many scars from falling while biking on ice and snow would agree.

As the last person mentioned make the mind map easier to read (I am guilty of this too)! You certainly came up with numerous crazy ideas and I especially thought the heat emitting goggles and kitten scarf were especially funny and even useful, think of all the new youtube cat videos.

However, there are improvements that could be made to the format of this entry as you already know from what Barry mentioned on Tuesday, like each individual idea getting its own picture, higher contrast,and cropping. The last thing I think you really need to not do is use lined paper. The paper is already dark and the lines are a distraction, if you have no other paper around I would use much bolder markers to make your pictures stand out.

Like I said you had plenty of silly ideas, just try to make your blog easier to read.

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