Stereotyping in TV

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This clip shows how people portray Asians in America. They are about to take a test and everybody pulls out a calculator except Peter. Peter pulls out an Asian kid, sits him on his desk by his test and tells the kid to do math. This clip portrays all Asians to be smart. Family Guy don't only have Asians as smart people but they also portray woman as bad drivers. In one of the episodes they had this woman not even put a signal on to turn and said good luck everybody else and she turned causing all of the cars behind her to crash. Family Guy also have every Asian with a strong accent in the English language. Every episode that have Asians talking, they talk fast and sound all about them selves. Another episode of Family Guy shows a dad go in his son's room and ask "You doctor yet?" the son replied "no dad I'm twelve" the dad said "talk to me when you doctor" and left. It always sound like the Asians are yelling. I mean I am not Asian but I have talked to some Asians and they really don't like the way Family Guy portray their culture. They say they don't like it because they say that is really the way a lot of people see them as when they come around. To be honest that is actually the way I saw Asians before I got to Minnesota and saw the difference between the ways Family Guy portrays them and the way they are in real life. Most of the ones I have met are actually smart but they are more on the shy side and walk fast and try to avoid contact with others. I wouldn't even say anything to Asians at first because I didn't want to scare them but now I see that not all of them are shy.

It is interesting though because the last clip is one where they address being racist towards Asians but then they do it themselves all the time. Is it okay for them to call others out on this?

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