August 3, 2007

Sample Extended Entry

This is a sample of an entry with a link to the English Dept.

This is also an example of how to make a long entry appear shorter by hiding part of it.

If you have a long entry you may post part of the entry in the Extended Entry box -- which is found below the Entry Body box. I am entering this text in the Entry Body box but I will enter

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June 21, 2007

The real uploaded file entry

Sorry. The one we did in the office actually did not work. I think I closed the upload window rather than set it as a link. Anyway. This time I uploaded, selected as a new entry and pressed the link button. When the upload was done the edit entry page opened. I am typing above the link that appeared automatically from the upload.

When you upload a file as a link there will be some html that appears. There will be a bunch of stuff inside less than and greater than symbols. Then there will be the words Download file and then /a inside less than and greater than symbols. The words Download file are the text that will appear for the link and they can be changed to any text you would like.

I am going to change this right now to Sample Downloaded File.

Sample Downloaded File

When you edit that text it is important that nothing other than that text is changed. Everything before it inside <> and the /a inside<> after it must remain for the link to work.