December 2, 2007

evil knievel dies

If you do not know who Evil Knievel is, than you probably live under a rock. The Times Online (UK) reported that he died on Friday at the age of 69. He was the crazy stunt man of a man who was also a crazy stunt man (Evil Knievel SR.) He died of Lung disease.
The Pioneer Press reported that Evil Knievel was a folk hero and that he died in Clearwater, Fl. He had settled a federal lawsuit with Kanye West only a few days before because of trademark use.

Winter is here!!!!!!

Pioneer Press reported that winter has finally arrived with the first snow fall. The creatively led the story by saying "Winter: It's back. But you know that by now, don't you?" I thought it was so cute and fun, which is out of the ordinary in hard news. They reported that the metro got up to 7 inches of snow. The most in Forest Lake where they got 7.5in. They also reported that on Saturday, the Minnesota State Patrol responded to 290 accidents, 98 of those in the metro, and 21 had injuries. The good news though is that none were seriously injured.
The Star Tribune followed suit with the Pioneer Press by titling their story, "White on Time." Their story was focuased differently than the Pioneer Press's though. They did not have exact numbers of traffic accidents, they merely said a 'slew of traffic accidents." They did, however, focus on opinions people had of the snow, and the fact that it is the snow that makes winter and the holiday season here in Minnesota. They also reported at there was power outages at 1,700 homes. Xcel quickly fixed the problem.

Second man charged with bicylist's death

The Star Tribune reported that a second man has been charged with the death of a bicyclist who was beaten to death back in September. The man is an inmate at the Hennepin County Jail and is 21 years old. I wrote a blog on this story back in September when it happened. I was really upset by the case and the negligence of the people who commited the murder.
The Pioneer Press also reported on the story and said that a man was charged last month with the crime as well. The suspect then turned around and claimed the man was in the area to buy marijuana. The victim's family denies the claim.

November 25, 2007

Black Friday was a Success

Black Friday, or the major shopping day after Thanksgiving, was everything is was expected to be for retailers. The Associated Press reported that sales rose 8.3% that day, and about $10.3 billion. Last year sales were $9.5 billion, and this year the rise was only expected to be 5%, not the 8.3%.
RTT News reported that this years holiday sales are supposed to increase by only 4%, that is much less than normal. An expected $475.4 billion will be spent this holiday season.

Damage found on Space Station

SpaceFlight Now reported that two astronauts have found damage to a space station. It was imbeaded into the story and was definatly not made out to be a big deal. The damage was found on the starboarb solar alpha rotary joint (SARJ), and the damage was observed last month as well.
The Star Tribune did make a big deal of it. They called it significant and widespread. It was a short story, but made it seem like this was a major issue. When it really seemed to be on the contrary from the specialized news source.

Eden Prairie Football are state Champs

The Eden Prairie Eagle's football team beat Cretin-Derham Hall in the State Championship game on Friday, 50 to 21, according to Star Tribune. The Eagles have always been a dominating force in high school football and they have now won two consecutive state championship. They have never lost in the prep bowl either, they are 6 for 6.
Before this game, the Eagles had not given up any first quarter points, not in their 13 games. Cretin-Derham Hall scored on the opening kick off, being the first.
The Pioneer Press reported that Eden Prairie, number one ranked, and Cretin-Derham Hall, number two ranked, played in the Minnesota Class AAAAA football championship game. Cretin-Derham Hall scored two touchdowns in the first quarter. The Eden Prairie coach, Mike Grant, had his senior son, Ryan Grant, playing for the Eagles. Ryan Grant is expecting to go to play for the University of Minnesota next year.

November 19, 2007

Mankato Student dies

On Monday morning the Star Tribune released the name of the two girls who were struck by a car very early Sunday morning. The girl who died, Rissa Amen-Reif, is from my hometown, Eden Prairie, and she graduated with my sister and my boyfriend. We found out what had happened on Suday, and they both new of her in High School. The other girl, Corinne L. Overstake, was injured in the accident.
The Pioneer Press reported that Reif had tripped and fell into the road as they were trying to cross the street. Overstake was trying to help her up when they were struck by the car.
Both girls went Minnesota State University, Mankato. They were supposedly coming home from a sorority party and got lost.

November 16, 2007

Video of man diying in airport surfaces

A Polish immigrant was killed in a Canadian airport on Oct 14, and now that have his death on video, according to the Associated Press. The man was upset after not being able to see his mother in the baggage claim at the Vancouver Airport, because it was a secure area. The man became erratic and police tasered him to calm him down. The video shows excessive force.
The Winnipeg Sun reported that the man killed was screaming in pain as they were tasering him. They also said that other than throwing a chair earlier, the man did not show any violent actions to the cops. The video is expected to show the severity of the punishment the police used. The man had also spent 10 hours in that secure are for unknown reasons.
I watching ongoing coverage of this video on the early morning news on Thursday. The video did not show the man being violent, or acting violent. The man simply stood there, when the cops were yelling at him. However, the man could not speak English, and was clueless as to what the police were asking of him. The cops knew that because on the video there is another man saying that the man did not speak English. It is a sad video, and it proves that the man should never of had to die, he was not doing anything wrong in the video. That also said that initially the cops claimed the man put up a fight, but he did not.

Thanksgiving Travel

So who is traveling this Thanksgiving? Well it seems like everyone is, according to CNN. A record 38.7 million Americans are planning to travel 50 miles or more for the holiday. 80% by car, and that is unlucky for them because gas is also at an all-time high. Gas is now averaging nationally $3.11 a gallon. It is also expected to rise 10 more cents by December.
The Star Tribune is reporting that the airlines are going to see 27 million passengers around Thanksgiving. That is a 4% rise from last year’s Thanksgiving. All planes are on average 90% full at this time. To accommodate all these travelers, many airlines are adding up to 500 seasonal workers.
As for me, I am not going to travel more than 20 miles to my sister’s in Corkren.

Lakeville boy goes home

A 13-year-old boy who got hit by a car while riding his bike is finally out of the hospital after 2 months, according to the Pioneer Press. He was sent home on Wednesday. The boy, Joshua Mallari, who is an 8th-grader at Lakeville, was hit on Sept. 9 of this year. He was not thought to going to make it, according to the first responders. However, after three surgeries and being heavily sedated and unconscious for the 10 days after the accident, he made it. He will be returning to school on Monday. However he will be assisted by a special needs aid. The accident caused a traumatic brain injury that has damaged his vision and lessened the control of his left side.

Cities 97 Sampler

The Minneapolis radio station, Cities 97, began selling their 19th Cities 97 Sampler CD on Thursday at 8 a.m, according to the Star Tribune. All the proceeds from the CD will go to local charities. Last year the Cities 97 sampler raised $6,000. This year, 30,000 copies of the CD are being sold in stores.
The CD is expected to sell out very quickly, and many eager buyers waited outside Target stores early this morning just to get their hands on some.
Personally I think selling these CDs and giving all proceeds to charity is a very effective way to raise money. Everyone wants the CD and so why not make the demand for the CD beneficial to charities. Most people who want the CD may only be doing it for the CD, not the charities. So it is a great way for people who would not usually donate to give a little unexpectedly. The radio station should be proud that they have found a great way to raise money for charity.
The CD has 19 tracks of popular musicians perfoming their music in the Cities 97 studios. This CD has more female artists on than ever, according to another Star Tribune article. There are 8 tracks with female vocalists, included in that is a duet. That is the most ever, as well as the most tracks on the CD ever, 19.

November 4, 2007

100 car pile-up arrest made

CNN reported that a man has been arrested for drunken driving, he was involved in the pileup. The man has not been reported as the cause of the massive pileup. The man is Morris Taylor, a 61-year-old from San Antonino. The pileup occured in Fresno, Calif., and killed two people.
The Star Tribune reported that they thought the cause of the pileup was dense fog and traffic. They also reported that dozens of people were injured aswell. A 6-year-old boy and a 28-year-old man were the two people who died.

Adrian Peterson goes Down in NHL History

The Star Tribune has reported that Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson, set the new record of all-time rushing yards in a single game. He rushed for 296 yards, and 3 touchdowns. The news were refering to the secrest to winning as, handing the ball to Peterson. After the first time of watching Peterson, I told the guy sitting next to me that he would break the all-time rushing record, and he did. Many team records for offensive yards were also set.
The Pioneer Press said the Vikings ended up beating the Chargers with a score of 35-17.

Hunter Shot in Elbow Lake

The Star Tribune reported that a hunter was shot in Elbow Lake Saturday morning, which is the opening day for fire-arms deer hunting. The man was 60 years old and he was shot in the chest a little after 9:30 a.m. The man was waiting for deer, as other hunters were trying to run those deer towards him. Where the bullets came from has yet to be determined and police are investigating.
The Pioneer Press reported the shot to be accidental and that the man was taken to Lake Region Hospital, where he later died. This story was very personal to me because my boyfriend is gone hunting this entire week, including that morning. I understand what the hunters were trying to do, when they wanted to run the deer towards the hunter who got shot, and my boyfriend and the guys he hunts with commonly do that.

October 23, 2007

12-year-old Boy in Custody for Shooting Death

The Star Tribune reported that a 12-year-old boy is in custody for the shooting death of a 36-year-old-man. He will make his first court appearance on Wednesday. The death happened on Monday in Raymond, Minn. A young child called the police saying that a child's father was shot. The man later died at the hospital. The boy will not be charged as an adult.
The Pionner Press reported that Keith Ambron was the man who died. Investigators believe that they found the handgun that the boy had used to shot Ambron in the arm. The boy is in custody on suspicion of 2nd degree murder.