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Baggy Pants Ban

Baggy, sagging, pants were a trend started in jail, which made it to the real world. Now many cities are making this fashion trend illegal. The Associated Press reported that the penalty for wearing baggy pants that expose your rear could cost you as much as $500 or six months in jail in Delcambre, Louisiana. Other places baggy pants may no longer be welcome are Trenton, New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia, and much of Louisiana.
Forbes reported that Atlanta’s baggy pants ban would mean that any person whose underwear is exposed would be breaking the law. This includes banning women from exposing their thongs, from showing bra straps and wearing sports bras in public. Forbes states that the ban would mean, “the indecent exposure of his or her undergarments would be unlawful in a public place.? Many people are saying that the law is racial profiling, because the majority of people who wear baggy pants are black.