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Bicyclist killed in Minneapolis

A 41-year-old Minneapolis man was beaten on a late night bicycle ride Wednesday, and left to die early Thursday morning. The Star Tribune reported the man, Mark Loesch, was found on a lawn on the 3700 block of Elliot Avenue S. still breathing Thursday morning. Although he was dead by the time paramedics got to him. He was only 1.5 miles from his home. He had been married 16 years and has four children.
The Pioneer Press said the death was ruled a homicide, after the medical examiner stated the reason of death was multiple blunt force head impacts. The difference between the two articles is that the Star Tribune was more in-depth, and touched on who the cyclists actually was. I think it is important to recognize victims in reports, because it puts the focus on the victim, and gives a face to the terrible act.
Star Tribune:
Pioneer Press:


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