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Man who turned in child sex tape now in custody

The man who had said he found a tape of the sexual assult of a 3-year-old girl in the desert is now in custody according to CNN. Officials believe he had the tape for five months before turning it in. The finder of the tape, Darren Tuck, turned himself in to authorities on Sunday, and is still being held.
He is being charged with possession of child pornography and possibly even promoting child pornography according to the Associated Press. What I really found interesting in the article was that they discussed the fact that they showed the young girls face and used her first name. This would be a terrible moral and ethical issue normally, because the girl is only 3-years-old and she was a victim of sexual abuse. In this situation, it was ethical, because the media found it more important to find the girl and save her from what may potentially be happening to her. Now that the young girl is safe, they have stopped using her name or showing any images of her.
Media played such a crucial role in identifying and finding the little girl. That is defiantly a rewarding part of journalism if you can help someone.