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O.J. Simpson Arrested for Armed Robbery

According to the Star Tribune, O.J. Simpson was behind bars yet again, this time for suspicion of armed robbery of football great’s sports memorabilia in Las Vegas. He was arrested Sunday and faces multiple felony charges according to the Star Tribune. His worst charge is robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, which could be a sentence up to 35 years.
The report was very conscience and told both sides of the story. Which was the authority side, stating O.J. had a gun and had committed robbery in a casino. O.J.’s side was obviously different, stating that he wasn’t armed, and just was trying to get back stolen mementos of his football career.
CNN has very current coverage of this story. It was the prime story on the website. There it reported that Simpson now faces 6 counts of robbery, assault, burglary and conspiracy. As of late Sunday afternoon, Simpson is still in custody, but he is cooperating.