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Park Rapids water contaminated with E. Coli

Kare11 reported that there was E. Coli found in the water supply in Park Rapids, Minn. This means that the residents must boil their water before using it for food or to drink in order to kill the bacteria. If they do not they could become sick, with symptoms of diarrhea, cramps, nausea and headaches.
The Pioneer press said that the E. Coli was found on Friday and the boil order was announced on Saturday. The city is trying to treat the water by flushing it with chlorine. They have yet to determine the cause, but they are looking at a recent highway construction project as a potential cause.
This issue is important to me because my family has a cabin in the area. According to the Pioneer Press about 3,000 people live in Park Rapids, and it is just about 30 miles south of Bemidji.