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Plane Crash in Thai kils 88

CNN reported a plane crash in Thai that killed 87 people Sunday. The plane made two attempts to landing in windy conditions, and shortly after landing on the second attempt the plane crashed. According to witnesses in the CNN article, passengers knew the plane was going to crash and braced themselves. Once they crashed, the plane started on fire and 43 of the passengers we able to escape with their lives. 130 passengers were on board.
All the eyewitness accounts offered in the report gave very interesting incite. The accounts made the accident very real, and had a strong emotional effect to the reader. Most of the passengers were European tourists.
The Star Tribune did not have as full coverage as CNN, however they reported there being heavy rain. The plane they said was filled with foreign tourists, and at least 88 of the 130 passengers were killed. The plane had split in two and burst into flames after hitting the ground. The passenger accounts include one of a waitress who saw the person sitting in front of her catch on fire.