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Target Center Shooting

Saturday night there was a shooting incident inside the target Center. The Star Tribune said that two men were involved in an altercation, and the shots were fired with people nearby. No one was injured in this incident that was the first in 20 years at the Target Center.
In a more in-depth report, the Pioneer press said that thousands of people, who were watching the “World Fighting Championships Downtown Throwdown�, were present during the shooting. It happened in the stands, and the victim was a 27 year-old Minneapolis man. The police also have the name of the suspect who fired the gun.

Two men fought late Saturday inside Target Center and then one shot at the other as spectators sat nearby, police said.
This is a direct lead, that covers the when, where, who, what, and the source. The when is late Saturday. The where is the Target Center. The who is not as descriptive, it is just two men. The what is the shooting. The source is clearly stated at the end of the lead, which the source is the police.