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Thai Plane's Data Box Found After Crash

CNN reported that after the deadly plane crash at Phuket in southern Thailand Sunday, 88 people are dead. The flight’s data recorders have been found, and it will be a week before that information will be available. CNN said the plane to be a One-Two-Go Boeing MD-82. Many of the passengers now are saying they knew the plane was going to crash. It was the plane’s second attempt to landing in heavy winds.
A passenger on the plane reported to CNN that during landing the plane touched down then bounced up and then “smashed? into the ground.
A passenger from another plane reported that after about five minutes of the crashed plane being engulfed in flames, there was an explosion near the front.
CNN offered many different passenger and witness accounts of the crash. Which allowed for a very interesting look at how the accident panned out from multiple viewpoints.
BCC news reported that the plane was flight OG 269 coming from Bangkok, Thailand. BCC had much more gruesome details. They reported of badly burned people and passengers stepping over other burning passengers to escape. However the worst comment was that of the 80 bodies being kept in a makeshift morgue at the airport. BCC was able to get information about the dead and said what countries they were from. They had much more available information than CNN, which could be because of their proximity to the crash. They reported of the survivors, five are still in critical condition, and both the pilot and co-pilot are among the survivors.