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Wisconsin shooting

Star Tribune had just updated their story on the Wisconsin-shooting rampage one minute earlier when I got to read the story. It happened in a small northern town called Crandon, with a population of about 2,000. Six people died in the shooting, however the story contradicted itself by saying he killed six people and then saying he killed five people and cops shot and killed him. I was confused by I looked to a national journalism source for reinforcement of one of the two.
CNN reported that the shooter, named Tyler Peterson, killed six people at a local house. They said the incident happened early Sunday, however, they did not have as in-depth information as the more local news source.
The Star Tribune reported that three of the killed were Crandon High School students and the other three had graduated within the last three years. The shooter was a male 20 year old who worked at the sheriff’s office and was a part time officer.
The national news source only focused on the hard news, what happened, how many died, where, when, ect. The more local news source focused on more personal facts and incite. They mentioned a 14-year-old-girl who was among the dead, and they uncovered the possibility that the shooter may have been a jealous boyfriend.

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-However, in a quote he had about the possible age of the shooter he was more of a real
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