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Cities 97 Sampler

The Minneapolis radio station, Cities 97, began selling their 19th Cities 97 Sampler CD on Thursday at 8 a.m, according to the Star Tribune. All the proceeds from the CD will go to local charities. Last year the Cities 97 sampler raised $6,000. This year, 30,000 copies of the CD are being sold in stores.
The CD is expected to sell out very quickly, and many eager buyers waited outside Target stores early this morning just to get their hands on some.
Personally I think selling these CDs and giving all proceeds to charity is a very effective way to raise money. Everyone wants the CD and so why not make the demand for the CD beneficial to charities. Most people who want the CD may only be doing it for the CD, not the charities. So it is a great way for people who would not usually donate to give a little unexpectedly. The radio station should be proud that they have found a great way to raise money for charity.
The CD has 19 tracks of popular musicians perfoming their music in the Cities 97 studios. This CD has more female artists on than ever, according to another Star Tribune article. There are 8 tracks with female vocalists, included in that is a duet. That is the most ever, as well as the most tracks on the CD ever, 19.