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Video of man diying in airport surfaces

A Polish immigrant was killed in a Canadian airport on Oct 14, and now that have his death on video, according to the Associated Press. The man was upset after not being able to see his mother in the baggage claim at the Vancouver Airport, because it was a secure area. The man became erratic and police tasered him to calm him down. The video shows excessive force.
The Winnipeg Sun reported that the man killed was screaming in pain as they were tasering him. They also said that other than throwing a chair earlier, the man did not show any violent actions to the cops. The video is expected to show the severity of the punishment the police used. The man had also spent 10 hours in that secure are for unknown reasons.
I watching ongoing coverage of this video on the early morning news on Thursday. The video did not show the man being violent, or acting violent. The man simply stood there, when the cops were yelling at him. However, the man could not speak English, and was clueless as to what the police were asking of him. The cops knew that because on the video there is another man saying that the man did not speak English. It is a sad video, and it proves that the man should never of had to die, he was not doing anything wrong in the video. That also said that initially the cops claimed the man put up a fight, but he did not.