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Winter is here!!!!!!

Pioneer Press reported that winter has finally arrived with the first snow fall. The creatively led the story by saying "Winter: It's back. But you know that by now, don't you?" I thought it was so cute and fun, which is out of the ordinary in hard news. They reported that the metro got up to 7 inches of snow. The most in Forest Lake where they got 7.5in. They also reported that on Saturday, the Minnesota State Patrol responded to 290 accidents, 98 of those in the metro, and 21 had injuries. The good news though is that none were seriously injured.
The Star Tribune followed suit with the Pioneer Press by titling their story, "White on Time." Their story was focuased differently than the Pioneer Press's though. They did not have exact numbers of traffic accidents, they merely said a 'slew of traffic accidents." They did, however, focus on opinions people had of the snow, and the fact that it is the snow that makes winter and the holiday season here in Minnesota. They also reported at there was power outages at 1,700 homes. Xcel quickly fixed the problem.