August 7, 2006

My Life

I first decided that I wanted to attend the U of M becuase It is in Minneapolis. The one metropolitan area in Minnesota. Instead of attending my senior year of high school, I took PSEO classes at the U instead. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the area enough that I decided to stay there and apply for freshman enrollemnt at the Carlson School of business. I have yet to declare a major and am not quite sure what I would like to pursue as a career.
I have a variety of hobbies that I enjoy. Reading is one of them. LIke most teenage girls, I keep up with the latest fashion and gossip magazines. I also enjoy playing with the large frisbee my friend Sara gave me for my high school graduation. I can often be found in coffee shops during the summer or near my espresso machine with a large iced white mocha. Delicious!