September 15, 2006

US News: Financial Aid For Non-Traditional Students

Some financial aid advice for students. Info for older non-traditional students starts on page three. 2/22/05
Nontraditional students and circumstances
Special considerations that could affect your route to financial aid

September 12, 2006

Advisory Committee on Adult Learners and Student Parents

The U of M also has an Advisory Committee on Adult Learners and Student Parents that is a part of the Office of Student Affairs. The site says: "The committee was formed to assess the needs of student parents and non-traditional aged undergraduate students (25 years of age and older), as well as the University climate for these two student populations"

September 11, 2006

Reentry Students Organization

The University of Minnesota has a Reentry Students Organization that holds events and workshops each semester for reentry students.

U oF M Back-to School Advice for Adults

While I am mentioning University of Monnesota resources for returning students I should also mention the Back-To-School Advice for Adults section of the College for Continuing Education website. This site contains more information about deciding to go back to school, applications and tips for success once you return.

Career and Lifework Planning Center

The University of Minnesota has a Career and Lifework Planning center whcih can help you decide if you want or need to go back to school and if so, how you might be able to accomplish it.

Workshops, individual consultations, online tools and other resources are available.