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What does the consumer want now, efficiency or intimacy? I never really thought about how this transformation has taken place over the last 5-10 years. When we first began using the internet, it was all about how to get the information we want, how to buy a product, and how quickly can it happen. Now that we are used to this, we have begun to want more. Not only want more, but expect more as well. We want more customized interfaces that remember out last purchases and recommend things that might be of interest to us for next time. This type of intimacy takes away the depersonalization of some computers. This makes many people feel that ok, there is someone on the other side that is actually paying attention to them and looking out for their best interests In reality all this is in the computer recognizes certain items and makes suggestions based on prior buying habits of other people.
I know from my own experience that having the computer remember your information and suggesting other items really helps out the consumer and brings to light thing that I might want, but haven't been exposed to yet. For example, I bought the Bourne Ultimatum online and Amazon suggested to me that I might be interested in other spy movies as well as a book written by the author that the movies were based on. The website sucked me in and I read the Jackson Directives which turned out to be a fantastic book that I never would have been exposed to if I had just gone into a store and bought the movie. This type of experiences adds to my online shopping experience, where I am more likely buy from there again in the future. In addition I am still going to go to the store and buy other movies but I will now be inclined to go online and make a purchase. My final insight to the entire eCommerce movement in that it adds more to our entire internet experience. This change over the last few years, has really helped the internet change and grow into something that we seem to rely on and trust to do all of our business.