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This definitely was some of the most boring reading that I have gone through. It is difficult to become engaged in the discussion on a topic that is dry and of no interest to me. What I got out of class that day was that it is now time to start studying for the exam. The jeopardy trivia was a good jumpstart from the lecture and got me and everyone else involved. Going back to chapter 8, it is funny how much we still retain from the reading and lecture. This material was from several weeks ago and with a spring break in there makes it seems long ago. Much of the material that we were tested on I could somewhat recall but if it were not multiple choice, I would have had a difficult time answering any of the questions. Thanks for the cash. It was a motivator. I am looking forward to getting started on the EBO project, working with my new group, and getting the second half of this semester off to a good start.