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There were several cool things about Weisman. First off, it was neat to actually go into the place and check it out. I have been going to school here for about 5 years and walked by it several times wondering the inside was like. Also I thought it very interesting that about the background of the architect. How he was bucking the system and trying to establish a new style and a new standard of design.
Now I have been to several museums, but never an art museum and I found it fascinating. The different styles of art and the various images that each was trying to portray. I had the opportunity to get to the museum before everyone was there and check it out at my own pace and really had the chance to read through all the descriptions. I found the the walk-in exhibit with the sounds on the other side of the door pretty cool as well as the chicken coop painting. While I didn't get any ideas right then there, I think that each time a person goes outside their norm like this it opens you up for the next time to be more open minded and think about things in a little different light. Again, a great experience and without this class session, probably never would have gone into the Weisman.