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Douglas Davis

Douglas Davis was born in 1933, he went to Rutgers University, spent alot of time doing futuristic interactive art, taught at a number of universities and now he lives in New York. He's big in Germany.

Now a days the concept of sending information and images via satellites is an every day occurence. In 1977 however, the concept itself seemed quite absurd. Douglas Davis was among the first artists to use this technology for interactive global performance art. In "The Last Nine Minutes"

Davis couldn't find a station to fund his satellite work, so he bought some time himself, he also rented the Huston Astrodome. He recorded himself in an empty football stadium expressing "7 thoughts" that were then broadcast to the world. His work tried to connect to people who he didn't even know and would most likely never meet.

As all successful artists must do, Davis evolved with the dawn of the Information Super Highway. In his "World's First Collaborative Sentence" he successfully transfered the ideas he was using in the '70s to the information age.