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green design paper

Shopping for products for a green design project is not so easy. I went to The Green Mercantile for paper, but it looked like they only sold it in in big bundles. They have some cool stuff though, including paper made out of elephant crap. Why would anyone think to do that anyways?... some people have too much time on their hands. I went to several other stores downtown such as Electric Fetus, Catherine's Imports and Global Village. They're all very cool stores, but they didn't have much for project materials. I then looked for paper at Michaels. They have a good selection of fun papers, but they sold them by the sheet and I wasn't sure if any of them were recycled or hand made since they had no packaging. Same with True Colors, the scrapbooking store. I ended up buying my paper from Office Max. They had an assortment of recycled papers, many of which were from Wausau Paper Mill. I actually toured that mill as part of AIGA Design Camp in the fall. I was amazed with how huge those rolls of paper become when they're actually making it! Anyways, I found a color that I liked and it was 30% post-consumer waste so it worked out well. Too bad the only package of this paper they had left was ripped open and the ends of the paper were a little crumpled. Of course I still bought it, but I think they should have given me a bigger discount. Come on people.