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April 20, 2006

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April 17, 2006

spring '06 studio tours

This semester's studio tours didn't turn out the way we'd hoped. The only design firm we were able to set up a tour with was Yamamoto Moss. We were almost certain we'd be touring Target as well, but they never responded to confirm a time. There was only a very small group of students that attended the tours. I went to Yamamoto Moss last year for studio tours, so I already knew what they were about and what their company was like. It was interesting to see what they had been working on since then. It was also cool because a UMD graphic design graduate, Abby, now works there. She was actually with when we toured YM last year so I knew who she was. They showed us around and gave us some helpful advice on our portfolios. I think everyone was satisfied with the visit, it was a good time.

We also hit up the Soo Visual Arts Center (Soo VAC) to see part of the Juxtapoz show. The artwork had very strange subject matter, not what I'm used to seeing, but most of the work was really good. It ranged from a painting of a ship with skeleton pirates, to a bloody chicken with its leg cut off, to lots of other weird stuff that can't really be described. I got to check out the shops along Lyndale Ave. too, which was really cool because I never get to shop in the cities. It's crazy how much more design in general you see in the cities compared to Duluth or Rochester (my hometown).

We stopped into Robot Love while we were waiting for the Soo VAC to open. It was a small store and they didn't have much that I would ever buy, but they did have some interesting magazines. They were also selling a few posters by Aesthetic Apparatus, who we toured in the fall. They make these test-prints using subject matter from their other posters, which become one-of-a-kind posters. These posters were selling for $100 at Robot Love! Crazy!