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Hawk Ridge project

I could not have chosen a better client to work with on this project. Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory has been awesome to work with and is a great way to practice my skills on projects that will actually be used in the community. My roommate, Kelsey, and I have done work for them in the past. We worked on a newsletter for them as well as a t-shirt design. They were more than willing to give me a project when I asked them this semester.

Debbie Waters, the Education Director, is my contact person and she is great to work with. The project that she gave me was to redo their raptor identification guide for visitors. We decided on a quad-fold using legal size paper. She organized a bunch of pictures that I was to make silhouettes from so that visitors would easily be able to identify the shapes of the different raptors that fly over Hawk Ridge. The guide includes a front and back cover, 2 graphs and the whole inside was used for the raptor identification information and silhouettes. I think I will also be doing a more in-depth version of the visitors guide for them also, which will include more information and raptor data, etc. I think I found out that I like organizing information- I think. So maybe I should look into the information design branch of graphic design?

To extend the project for my portfolio, I decided to redo the Hawk Ridge logo and apply it to stationery. It took me a long time to come up with a logo solution that I really liked. I wanted to use one of the silhouettes somehow since it's a strong and simple image that represents what visitors go to Hawk Ridge to see. I started working with both serif and sans serif typefaces, went in the sans direction, and then back to serifs. I like the look of all capital letters, especially since it was hard to work with "Ridge" having a descender- I couldn't figure out a good way to place "Bird Observatory." I chose blue to represent the sky as well as Lake Superior. I feel like I use blue too much in my work in general, but I thought it was fitting for this identity.

I hope I continue to work with them in the future- I feel like I'm helping out a great organization and it's awesome work experience.

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I like your style, you are definitely a great designer. Very much like myself in the fact that it looks like you prefer minimalistic design. I do minimalistic because it seems more professional to me.

Your logo is very nice. Kudos!

Hey Gen great job on this project! That is so nice that you actually got to work with someone that you liked and have everything work out. I like the new logo you came up with... it really seems like you are looking up into the sky. Has the guide been printed yet? It would be nice to see the final product. :)

Dang Gen,
if projects like this don't get you a job, I have no idea what will. Project after project you have come through with your sophisticated and elegant design. I also give you kudos for being the one person in the class that worked alone and got everything done yourself. What a ronin samurai you are, Gen! Way to go!

Gen, I think that you did a great job on this project. It's very neat and clean. I find it very suitable for the place that you did this for. About the logo, I feel that what you have now is nice, but I think that maybe you can come up with more ideas, just to see how far you can push it, otherwise it look very clean and simple, like how you did the raptor identification guide. The relationship goes well together. Nice job!