January 16, 2007


What is Interactive Design?

I think that interactive design is design that involves the viewer. It is more than something for the audience to simply look at. I don't think that the piece has to be digital or online to be interactive design, but I think that digital and online interactive design is the future. It invites viewers to engage with the piece by touching, clicking, listening, watching, and thinking. Websites are one common example of interactive design. When the audience goes to a website, they must click on certain things and process the results in order to eventually obtain the information they are looking for.

What do you want to learn in the course?

I was hoping to learn more about Flash and how to use it, but it doesn't sound like we're going to be doing that so much. I think it will be interesting to learn about CSS, whatever that is, and about the other technical stuff behind websites that I really know nothing about. I want to learn more about making websites in general so that if a friend or a business asked me to make a website for them, that I would feel knowledgable about and comfortable with the entire process.

What applications / programming languages do you know or want to learn?

Well, I know barely any html...about enough to make these question headings bold. So basically I want to learn any programming languages that will help me make cool, useable websites. I would also like to learn more about Dreamweaver and Flash.