January 29, 2007


I played the game Poppit at It's a simple game of popping groups of colored balloons that takes a little strategy to win tokens. Since the game is so simple, the surrounding interface doesn't interfere too much with usability. I like the brightly colored balloons, and the weird cactus guy on the left side that gives you information when you find a bonus surprise or whatever. I also like that when you mouse over a group of balloons that are poppable, they turn translucent and move around. It's cute how the balloons explode into little stars when you pop them, and how prizes parachute to the ground when they are released from balloons.

However, there are a few things about the game, and the site in general, that bother me. Since I'm not a member and I play these games for free, I get bombarded with ads. Before you play, they show you an ad while your game "loads." Then if you play the game for a while, every so often you have to take an "intermission" where they show you an ad for about 40 seconds. This is annoying.

The game has its own smaller window which is not resizable. It is a little bit cluttered, especially on the right side where there are game option buttons and an area for chatting with other players. A mix of fonts is used as well, which adds to the clutter. It would be nice if the number of tokens I currently have stood out more, so that I would be able to keep track of my progress easier.

Advertising is also crammed into the interface. They have the sponsoring business' logo built into the game at the bottom. They also have a large image of their product behind the playing area. Then there is an additional banner advertisement across the top of the window for a separate sponsor. Way too much!

Aside from these things, I like pogo's games in general and they have nice graphics, so I'm gonna keep playing!