March 3, 2007


I saw the kiosk for Solon Campus Center before it was installed. Pretty sweet!

The only other kiosk that I can recall interacting with is the one in the Sports & Health Center lobby. It's a big 3-sided display case, so you can walk all the way around it. Last year, 2 other RSOP graphic designers and I redesigned the displays for the kiosk and I'll be doing it again in the next couple weeks. It's an interesting way of displaying because it invites the viewer to interact with it by walking around it and looking at the other sides. Most of the time that is asking a lot of a viewer, however, because most people won't want to take the time just to walk around the kiosk and see what else it has to offer. It is a good way to grab people's attention from all sides though. People are entering and exiting the lobby from all directions, so it is a really good location for a 3-sided kiosk. It is very large though, so it is kept off to one side of the lobby. I think that if it was a smaller, possibly 4-sided kiosk, it could be placed in the center of the lobby and it would receive more interaction from viewers. I think that a digital kiosk, like the one in the Campus Center, would be really cool too. It wouldn't necessarily have to be digitally interactive. It could simply show various pictures of different RSOP and athletic activities on two sides and have static displays on the other 2 sides. If it was a digitally interactive kiosk it would be really cool, but then again, it's asking a lot of the viewer to take time out of their busy schedule to interact with a kiosk.