February 14, 2005

Group View

Sexual promiscuity and “friends with benefits” in today’s society has been associated with many different connotations and ideas. The majority of these ideas are split at the very opposite ends of a large spectrum. At one end, “friends with benefits” holds a very negative tone, threatening morals and traditional values. On the other side, the term comes with a positive, new age connotation. This second view considers the concept to be a healthy, positive method of fulfilling basic desires in a safe manner. Some people use “friends with benefits” as added enjoyment while already in a romantic relationship. For others, the time needed for an extensive relationship is not available due to work, school, etc. “Friends with benefits” offers a chance for these people to remain satisfied while accomplishing their goals.

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Group View #2

Within “friends with benefits”, there are a few basic rules that should be followed. These rules can prevent many of the problems that opponents cite as contentions to sexual promiscuity. The first and easiest rule is to always practice safe sex. This will prevent the problems and complications of STI’s, AIDS, and pregnancy. Another important idea that is used by many people in “friends with benefits” relationships is to keep emotional ties low. By doing this, the chance of hurting feelings is lowered. The last and very important rule is to remain honest with everyone involved. This can resolve many of the crises that arise in these situations.

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