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"Shanghai surprise: Stocks tumble" by Floyd Norris and Jeremy W. Peters, Star Tribune

Tuesday the Chinese stock market plummeted setting the tone for the rest of the world. Before Tuesday, the Chinese market had been soaring. The Dow Jones took it's steepest slide since the first day the market reopened after 9/11 attacks, Sept. 17, 2001.

The challenge in this story is reporting all the facts in terms that an average person can understand. I found it difficult to understand the reason why the drastic drop in the marktet occured in the first place. The story also lacked the "what's next" part of the article. The public is going to be anxious as to what the next steps are to getting the market back to normal.

Madlen Read wrote an article in the Pioneer Press that is shockinly similar in the facts reported. However, I still struggled to find the reason why. Read went into more detail about how the market was doing better than usual. His reason behind the drop is that that is the was the economy works; it goes up and it goes down.