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"A sooner for the better" by Kevin Seifer, Star Tribune

Anticipation mounted Saturday as the NFL draft picks were announced. For the Vikings, it was Andrian Peterson, a running back, that proved to be their top pick. Many have concerns about Peterson because of many pervious injuries. Peterson has suffered a dislocated shoulder, a high ankle sprain, and the most serious, a broken collarbone. The Vikings' head coach, Brad Childress, is both excited and optimistic of the abilities Peterson will bring to the team. When asked about if Peterson will have any difficulties with offseason workouts, Peterson seemed optimistic. "To my knowledge, he is not going to have any of those issues," said Childress.

The challenge with writing this story is not to offend the Vikings because of a decision. It is important to deliver the news accurately, but the team and coaches are not going to be as willing to give interviews if they open up the paper and read about what horrible decision they are making.

Don Seeholzer reported on the story for the Pioneer Press. The Pioneer Press wrote a brief summary in the beginning; highlighting most of the facts the star tribune hit. After that, in three paragraphs, three questions fans might be asking themselves about the Vikings new pick were answered.