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First Day of School!

Hi :-) My name is Andrea, I am a first year Master in Public Health: Epidemiology candidate. Long title, I know, usually I shorten it MPH Epi. I am from Seattle, Washington (GO HUSKIES!). I graduated in December 2005 from the University of Washington with undergraduate degrees in Biology and Public Health. Why come to Minnesota you ask? Well, the answer is kind of long, and I think I'll save the full story for another entry.

Today was the first day of classes and here's the rundown!

Pathophysiology of Human Disease: Great course material. The professor is just one year away from retirement. He has been teaching the class for so long that he really knows his stuff and is very organized. He has an assistant professor who is supposed to be learning from him I think. It's possible that the beginning of this class will be a lot of review for me because I studied biology as an undergraduate and the first section of the
class is cell biology.

I was late to class this morning because I went to the wrong building (great way to start the first day of grad school!). After class I went up to him and apologized for being late, that I had gotten lost on the way to
class. He said, "that's fine! I still get lost sometimes," very nice guy.

Biostatistics 1: It's numbers, so I'll probably like it a lot. The professor is pretty young, but he seems to know his stuff and has a good sense of humor, which is good because the class is 2 hours long.

Epidemiological Methods 1: This is the material that I was most excited about, and still am, but I think this class is going to be a lot of review for me since I took Epi as an undergraduate. We are using the same text book and some of the same articles. I'm kind of excited about the overlap because I think I stand a chance of doing really well in this class and making a good impression on the faculty (mmm competition for jobs is already on my mind;-)). Also, studying the same material again will be a good chance to *really* learn my stuff.

Overall I'm really excited about my classes. I still need to finish buying my textbooks! I bought 2 of them in the bookstore, 1 online at, and one I already owned. I'm actually debating what to do about the one
that I already owned because it's one edition older than the one we're using in class, so the page numbers don't quite line up. I think I'll try to make do with the one I have rather than spend $70 for the newer one
that's almost identical.