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Fall activities

Good News! I might have a research assistant position lined up for next semester, pending a grant getting funded and finding a little bit more funding for me. I'll post more as I hear more. It's a little bit serendipitous because the faculty I might end up working with is someone who works with the research group I worked with in Seattle. The grant is focused on researching colorectal cancer screening in Native Americans in Minnesota.

The other really exciting thing that happened this week was that I got my plane tickets to go home for Thanksgiving! My boyfriend Adam ended up buying them for me since it was his turn to buy tickets (we trade every other month buying plane tickets for visiting each other). I'll be visiting home alot in the next two months for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Adam and I are going to Disneyland in April with a plane ticket that we won in a drawing, that will be super fun.

Last weekend Jooyeon and I went to an apple picking farm west of Minneapolis, it was really fun! There were all sorts of animals at the farm and lots of yummy food to try. Here are some pictures from that adventure....

This one is of Jooyeon and I on the tractor/trailer ride out through the corn fields. We got to go walking out into the fields and pick corn (the kind that you can dry out and pop in the mircowave!).
Annie and Jooyeon at the Apple Placesmall.JPG

This particular farm was pretty cool because they had animals all over the place. I was particularly entertained by the turkeys just wanering around like they owned the place!

We bought pumpkins and apples from the place, here is what the table decoration I made looked like....
Fall Table Decorationsmall.jpg
We actually ended up cooking the pumpkins and making a pumpkin cheesecake. We also baked some apples and made apple crisp. So yummy! I really like to cook my own pumpkin because it's so much more personal to see the pumpkin that your dessert came from!


Today the SPH Student Senate went and raked leaves! Only about 7 people showed up, but it was a pretty fun day. After we were done raking leaves we went out to a really yummy cafe that serves organic food. It feels good to go out and help people get their yards ready for winter who would otherwise have trouble doing it themselves. The only funn part was that there are still a fair number of leaves left on the trees, so these yards will probably get more leaves on them before winter really sets in, but that's alright, at least we made a dent in the pile.

This weekend I need to get a fair amount of work done because I'm headed off to Seattle on Wednesday! I'm pretty excited to go home and see Adam and some other friends. We're going to go to the homecoming football game for UW (University of Washington) and play in the alumni band. The other important reason I'm going to Seattle is to be at a friends bridal shower and get fitted for my bridesmaids dress for her wedding.


Hi Andrea!
How suprise to see our story in here, but i'd love to see that. ^^ Let's make another fun activities again!