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Colorectal Cancer Meeting

I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving! I’m headed home to Seattle tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family. My mom and my aunt are also going to spend Thanksgiving in Seattle at their house, so I’m really glad that I’ll be able to see lots of my family during the break.

So I want to share more about this colorectal cancer meeting I went to last week. The funding for this project comes from a nationally funded program called “Dialogue for Action.? The goal as I understand it is to bring together key members of a state or community to discuss colorectal cancer in that state or community, identify the barriers to individuals getting colorectal cancer screening, and after 3 planning meetings, culminate in a summit meeting with the hope that all of the discussion leads to a plan of action to increase the number of people who get screened for colorectal cancer.

In most states, the funding is used to hold a state-wide discussion, but the Dialogue for action I attended was different from the majority because it is focusing on a specific ethnic population rather than a state wide effort. In this case, the American Indians of Minnesota is the population holding the dialogues for action. The meeting we went to was attended by about 22 members of the American Indian community and we spent two days brainstorming about the cultural, political, economic, and logistical issues surrounding colorectal cancer screening. They really did a great job of trying to think of all the possible reasons that American Indians in Minnesota aren’t being screened for colorectal cancer. Well.. more to come on that at the meetings progress. The next one is scheduled for the first week in February

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!