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lost entry, tests, mouse.

oh man, I totally hate it when I loose a long entry I've been writing. I need to get in the habit of writing them in word and then pasting them into the weblog interface!

Well.. I've got to get to bed so here's the short version of the post I just lost.

Tests last week went fairly well. I didn't do an amazing job on my pathophysiology test, but I think I did passably well. The biostats test went very well and I look forward to getting my test back. There's an epi test coming up this Tuesday, but I'll be taking it as a makeup test on Thursday since I'm headed to Bemidji for the colorectal cancer meeting. I'm pretty excited about the meeting and getting a chance to learn more about the project that I'll be working on and helping to develop.

In other news.. my apartment building has had several mouse sightings in the past 2 weeks.. so I had two mousetraps set in my apartment. Tonight I heard one of the traps snap! I was sad and relieved, I don't like to kill creatures, but I don't want to cohabitate with them either. But then a few minutes later a dazed looking mouse came out from under the stove! ah! Now what do I do!? It wasn't moving very fast, so I dropped a little cardboard box over it. Ah! now I have a trapped mouse! I couldn't bring myself to just kill it manually, so I took it outside in the box and put it in the bushes across the street. Dang thing will probably come back inside, but maybe not, maybe it will just stay away!

Mouse in a box.jpg


Andrea, I found your blog while I was looking for an image of a house mouse. Would it be alright if I used your photo for a display for Integrated Pest Management? We are part of Cornell U. and I am creating a display showing house pests.