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Stormy Weather

Wow! It’s been a really long time since I updated my journal. I really really really want it to snow! I’m totally ready for winter to happen.

Thanksgiving was fantastic. My mom and my aunt came over to Seattle and had Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family, so that was super fun. Then they had to drive home through the mountain passes that had become quite treacherous while they were in Seattle, but they made it home safely. Seattle got to have a snow day yesterday which was kind of funny. Because Seattle so rarely get’s snow, they don’t maintain the equipment to clear roads. So if it does snow, the whole city basically shuts down.

Adam got me a new video card for my birthday (hehe, which isn’t until December) and I brought it home and installed it. My graphics look great now! Unfortunately when I installed it my computer kind of went on the fritz. It’s doing this crazy thing where I start an application and a few minutes later it stops responding, which wouldn’t be soo bad, except that ctrl-alt-del doesn’t work to make the programs end! So I end up having to manually power it off and then try again. I have no idea what is causing the problem, but yesterday evening it was working perfectly.. and this morning it’s a little on the fritz again, but not so bad. If anyone’s hobby is fixing computers with instability issues—drop me a line J

School is a little easier this week than it was last week, even though there is lots to do. I have ANOTHER pathophysiology test this Thursday which is kind of crazy. That class has waaaay too many tests. I hope that in the future when they offer it that maybe they will have fewer tests and maybe add a few homework assignments in their place. Biostats homework this week is pretty easy- which is nice. We only have one more week of biostats homework! And just one more epidemiology assignment to turn in! Ahhh! It will be nice to have all of that taken care of. Then all I have to do after I finish all those assignments is take 3 final exams, finish a group project, and write a short paper.