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loving Christmas break!

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. I've been at home here in Washington for about a week. Finals finished about a week ago for me and I've been loving being done. I got my grades and I'm satisfied with how I did in my classes. I got an A- and two B's. Not fantastic, but I can deal with that. Hopefully I'll do better next semester.

I got two new pairs of long underwear pants type things for Christmas, which I totally needed. They are so nice to have to wear under clothes when it's cold outside and you have to walk to school. I also got some new sheets for my bed, some cute socks, and cute sweaters. I also got a scrapbooking instruction manual to learn how to do all sorts of cool scrapbooking things.

I keep hoping for snow, and we got about 3 inches in Spokane, but so far none in Seattle, which isn't too surprising.

Well off to do more holiday activities!